• Momma K on…ObstaclesOctober 1st, 2015

    Whenever my sister and I would struggle to overcome a problem (it could have been as simple as memorising a poem when we were 5, or when I was going through the worst breakup of my life so far 3 years

  • Momma K on…DiamondsSeptember 24th, 2015

    Quote of the day-like Momma K says it…

  • Momma K on…Great PeopleSeptember 17th, 2015

    Like this quote of the day? Pin it now and make Momma K proud:)

  • Summer Pool Party with GoProSeptember 12th, 2015

    While we enjoy the last bits of the summer sun..I could not help but share this amateur but SOOO much-fun-home-video from a pool party/BBQ in early August this year.

  • City Trend, Islington LondonSeptember 11th, 2015