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Hi! Welcome to TrendBridged.com!

An online destination for people who love exploring good fashion, keeping fit and creating a great lifestyle.

My name is Diana, and I am a Fashion Designer by profession who moved to London 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia where I was for 3 years. I am originally from India and that is where I studied fashion.

When I moved to London, my recruiter asked me to update my portfolio and make it more “British”..which meant walking around London to understand what people like to wear. I started documenting all I saw with my new Canon camera and uploaded it on this site which is now called TrendBridged.com.

I have worked across London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Sydney Fashion Week and India Fashion week and regularly contribute to magazines and trend forecasting websites across the world.

Today TrendBridged.com is over 4 years old and is an extension of me. It travels with me, eats with me, writes reviews about exhibitions, tells you secret spots to go in a city and most of all tells you what is in trend.

This site is not about me…it is for YOU!

A tool to help you discover, explore and enjoy the best things of life!

I hope you enjoy this site as much I enjoy curating it for you…

Love and luck,


For any further questions please email: dianak@trendbridged.com


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