Christmas Present for a Fashion Blogger

We as Fashion Bloggers are stereotyped, made to feel that we love shopping for clothes, makeup or shoes most of the time – if not all the time. There is a difference…there are some who are Bloggers who love shopping, and then there are bloggers who love fashion. I am a happy middle of the two, leaning more towards the latter.

I have been asked a few times what I want for Christmas, and I am really happy to tell people that I have everything I want…until I start thinking about books.
I will never have enough books. I know it sounds really old school, but I love collecting books – even in today’s world of iBooks and audio books. The ones I like the most are design books, full of visuals, ideas and inspiration.They are a right pain when you are moving though- so worth thinking about if you are a vagabond :)

I have asked so many of my creative friends (a.k.a. Fashion Designers/ Architects / Bloggers / Graphic Designers) and they say the can’t have enough of books.

So if you have a friend in a Fashion Blogger or some one in your family loves fashion (not read as shopping), feel free to browse through the below collection and you are bound to make someone really happy on Christmas day. Like REALLY HAPPY!

I just bought two – this and this – for myself. All wrapped up for Santa to gift them to me!



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