Cinemagraphs: Moving Fashion

I seek inspiration everyday.

In the form of colour, art, photography and design. Sometimes I can’t thank my stars enough for being in London in my 20’s as this is the best time to absorb all the art and culture around me, and what better place than London!

However, life gets in the way and you make the best of your iPad at bedtime to be inspired instead of spending your afternoons staring at pre-raphaelite painting in Tate Britain.

It was furing one of these evenings few years ago, that I discovered the blogging duo and master cinemagraphers Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg of and was in awe in the first 5 seconds.

Since then I have seen only a few photographers achieve or trying to achieve this very difficult but beautiful imagery and when done with Fashion as a theme, it blows your mind. So here are some of my curations.

To inspiration!


Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg Cinemagraphs
Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg Cinemagraphs
Ann Street Studio Christian Louboutins

Ann Street Studio Christian Louboutins

Cinemagraphs by Andrew & Carissa Gallo


Park and Cube Cinemgraphs

All photographs are linked to the original artist’s sites. Please click on the pictures to see their work.

Some other photographers:

Romaint Laurent


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