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Dicky Morgan, Vintage boutique La Laguna

This is (very) late in the day but I have to share with you guys one of my best holidays I have ever had. Although I talked about it earlier in the year what I did not talk about was this this town i went to in the northern part of the island called La Laguna. A World Heritage site, the town centre dates back to the 16th to the 18th century and is known for the wide street and old buildings.

This quaint little town with its boutiques and cafes and the hills surrounding it is the perfect holiday destination. It is not a beach town so you need to get away to the beaches which is anything between 30-45 minutes drive away. I stayed in a small village close to the local surfing spot called La Punta. Rented an Air Bnb with the best views ever!

If you do go to La Laguna, you must visit Dicky Morgan, a vintage boutique right in the middle of the town centre!

I met Laura, the owner of the store, who also lives in the apartment above the store (my dream kinda home). Laura’s goal is to offer good quality products at affordable prices. Her boutique is like a Pandora box, you would not know what you will find unless you get in there. I bought a very picasso-esque cubist printed scarf which I wore as a beach wrap most of the trip for 10 Euros. I have been complimented on it everywhere I go!

The space feels like home and you could spend hours there! Laura introduced me to a few local artists like Iker Muro who was going to NYC to showcase his work. For me Dicky Morgan was a cultural opening to Tenerife. A little tucked away secret which I couldn’t wait to share!

Do you have a secret boutique you would like to share?


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