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If you guys have been wondering where I am spending most of my online time..lusting over beautiful jewels…then this is it! I am absolutely in love…IN LOVE with this exceptionally gorgeous, beautifully crafted jewellery label COMPLETEDWORKS.

COMPLETEDWORKS is a London based jewellery brand founded by sibling Mark Jewsbury and Anna Jewsbury in 2013. I would describe their work as architectures working on a beautiful scripture using natural gems inspired by simple aesthetics. Each of the label’s pieces originates in a vision of jewellery design as an expression of art, fused with concepts and ideas that aspire to materialise the way the world and our imagination shift.

Anna Jewsbury who is the artistic director behind COMPLETEDWORKS is responsible for developing collections and defining the brand’s vision and image. Her background in Mathematics & Philosophy influences the design process drawing on the contrasts between high quality materials and purist elements. 



Inspired by ruined architectures, the brand’s signature collection draws together the elegant, elongated, sometimes elaborate, architectural language of the classical column.

Using specially selected marble and jadeite to complement the precious metal designs, the collection captures the fragility of constructions. Eluding nostalgia, the collection’s aesthetic makes use of distinctive silhouettes and endless forms to explore how differing motifs and distortions can be used to represent the carving and shaping power of history, setting the intrusion of the past against the uncertainty of the future. Concentrating on shifts in form, pattern and texture, the jewellery engages the wearer to intuitively grasp the essential and astonishing majesty of objects in the midst of neglect and degeneration.

Every piece in the collection has been designed to carefully experiment with this core creative vision. Fragments, incomplete columns, shattered and ruined pieces are presented in a selection of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. In each design jagged edges, broken parts and decay meet the simple elegance and mathematical precision of the original column.

The overall impression portrays a poetic and graceful vision of the original architecture, embodying the brilliance, movement and alluring tradition of fine jewellery.

Shop all their pieces here on COMPLETEDWORKS.com


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