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G’bye Style.com, you will be missed.

We all saw it coming.

1) When Tommy Ton posted this on his instagram 5 weeks ago..we knew the earth was shaking beneath our feet.

So this is my Style.com sign off. I want to thank everyone over the last six years for their incredible outpour of support. I grew up glued to my computer screen living vicariously through the world of Style.com and never in a million years did I expect to become a contributor to the most relevant and influential fashion publication. It’s sad to see it go but fashion is all about change and moving forward. I want to thank Dirk Standen, Nicole Phelps and Tim Blanks for mentoring me and giving me this platform. I, still to this day, pinch myself that I had this incredible opportunity and will be forever grateful to the Style.com team for allowing me to be a part of history. Last week was my last submission in the field and I was fortunate to have my friend, Nick Wooster, be the last image I took for Style.com. Many, many thanks again, Tommy http://www.style.com/street/tommy-ton/2015/spring-2016-menswear-street-style

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2) Armed with that information you remember a piece of news from last year- that Lucky Magazine was absorbed by the new Lucky Group’s Beachmint– which was co-owned by Condé Nast

3) When you start contemplating that will Style.com and Lucky Magazine join resources and make something spectacular with Shoppable Runway like Porter Magazine?


AND….then today you find out that it is Vogue Runway!



Why should we be surprised of how Ms.Wintour has combined all her resources and made Vogue.com a new “Online Fashion Destination”.

It has the perfect ingredients to be a thought leader- online as well. Great editors, unbeatable photo archive and with features like The 25 Most Unforgettable Runway Shows of the ’90swe know we will be spending a lot of time online here.

But let us take a moment-or two- to really think about how Style.com impacted our life. Starting out in 1999..yes 1999..(I got my first computer in 2001 on a dial up..in INDIA!) I would stay up way past midnight as that is when we would easily connect to the internet without any disconnections (ensuring the annoying dial up sound every time to log on!)..and wait for at least 2 minutes/image to see each runway look. That was the dedication to the Style.com.

For my friends and I, Style.com was our popular friend who would get to go to all the runway shows- and we would religiously plan to sit on our computers to wait for her to tell us what is happening in the fashion world. It was our window to the international fashion- when there was no pinterest/instagram or facebook! So just to give it it’s due credit for making me who I am today…Style.com you will be missed and the only print issue I have of you…will be passed down generations.


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