Getting fit in NYC

I remember when I moved to Sydney in my early 20’s..I was homesick and I wasn’t really sure if I had made the right decision to leave my country, my friends, my home behind. To say the least I lost my modjo. My close friends would get a call from me at odd hours with me sobbing on the other side wanting to come back home (India), and they did their bit of convincing me to stay strong and stay put. (Thanks Mohit Rai!)

Coming to America, a few months short of turning 30..has it’s pros and cons. I have forgotten how difficult it is to make new friends..though NYC is really friendly and you can walk into a bar and always have a great conversation..but it is hard to make real friends.

I decided not to let the “move country syndrome” hit me..and dove right into fitness! Best way to get to know people, a neighbourhood..and jump right out of your comfort zone…while looking and feeling great!

A bit of research and eye brow raising Gym membership fees..I decided to buy a $99/ month membership to ClassPass which allowed me to go over 1000 boutique fitness studios for unlimited classes – however limiting to 3 classes per month/per studio. I LOVE IT!

I have been to Yoga, Spin, Weight Training and a complete new form of “Yoga +Cardio” at this place/routine called Circuit of Change.


What are your class bag essentials?

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A bit of research, and the founder and the CEO is Payal Kadakia is the beauty with brains behind this amazing startup. Her mantra being “Keeping Balance, Staying Passionate, Being Happy.” . The business started as a search engine and now has evolved into a platform and a community…and to that I salute Payal. A true example of how perseverance pays off.

I have been told that ClassPass is soon coming to London..and I can not wait for my friends to sign up and share their stories of fitness love!

Do you ClassPass? Share your best workouts right here in the comments section!



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