Happy Birthday Papa!

I’m steadily getting aware of the fine lines mysteriously appearing every Sunday morning on my Indian skin!
Emphasis on the Indian skin as luckily our skin has higher melanin therefore protects itself against sun damage thus equates to less pre-mature wrinkles than that of a skin tone with less melanin! Yes that is a fact! Lucky us!

So there are a few things which have been embedded in us (my sister and I) ..for our everyday Beauty regime.

  1. Drink Water like a fish..
  2. Follow CTM (Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise) routine before going to bed,
  3. Apply Fullers Clay DIY face pack everyday (See Below for recipe) and
  4. Lastly once you are 25 and up, get a facial professionally every 2 months!

Now in most households, these golden nuggets would be passed down from the Mother and Mother’s Mother!

In our house it was my Dad who made sure, us girls took care of ourselves.Don’t get me wrong, he ensured we learnt how to use the chopsticks by hiding all forks and spoons, and taught me how to change a car tyre before allowing me to drive his car..but he insisted his girls knew how to take care of their skins!

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You can all thank Papa Kakkar for this beauty treat!

Happy Birthday Papa ! I love you!

P.s: How can I finish this post without his secret recipe of great looking Winter skin!

Homemade Winter Skin Care Face Mask

Mix all the ingredients mentioned in a little bowl. Apply on your face with a Face Brush or your fingers, and leave for 15-25 Minutes, till semi dry. Wash off with warm water, and make sure you moisturise after with Trilogy Organic Rose Hip Oil.

Buy Fullers Clay (Multani Mitti) here (UK) or here (USA).

Everyday Skin Care Routine

I would love to know what you think of this not so secret recipe as your winter skin care routine! Do you have any skin care routine passed over from your father? :)

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