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When I arrived in London and was meeting a recruiter to look for design jobs, I was asked if there were any companies I wanted to work with..from the other British Heritage brands, one name which was very loud and clear was Jigsaw.

She (my recruiter) asked me why, and it was a simple answer…I loved their clean lines, their great fits, the quality of construction and their timeless designs.

So recently (And 4 years from the above said meeting), when I got an email from Jigsaw asking me if I wanted to collaborate…I knew dreams do come true. This time not as a designer- but as someone who appreciates their design!

Jigsaw’s latest High Summer ’15 collection which is shot in the beautiful Moroccan landscape of  Marrakech and the Ourika Valley, features some beautiful colour palettes of neutrals, soft pastels and cool blues.

Some of the pieces are quite transitional and can be worn in this British “Summer” a.k.a 12 Degree heat!

Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(2) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(19) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(18) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(17) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(16) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(15) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(14) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(12) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(11) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(10) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(9) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(7) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(6) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(4) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(3) Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(20) Men-Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(1) Men-Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(5) Men-Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(8) Men-Jigsaw-Morocco-Lookbook-(13)


Some of these pieces are available on their online store- CLICK HERE and the rest gets delivered end of the month.

Have a look and see which pieces you like the best! My favourites are:

Silk Top // Linen dress // Blue Floral Duster Coat // Summer Slub Sweater // This Beach Bag!



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