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Kate Rowland is breaking bad with Heisenberg

Breaking Bad withdrawal symptoms are bad ones to have!

You may not get the munchies, but it leaves you empty inside, almost not finding anything on Tele interesting enough to spend your time on..

I even came tumbled on a recipe of Mr. White’s Blue Meth glass!

I had seen Kate Rowland’s illustrations in these quirky little jewellery items a while ago, but it was not until It’s my Generation got in touch, that I started actually exploring how beautiful Kate’s design process is.

And when I saw these amazing Breaking Bag inspired wooden jewellery on Kate’s website, I was jumping with joy!

Heisenberg Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Van

Mr. White Beaker

A graduate from Arts University College,Bournemouth, Kate is now based in London as an illustrator and a Jewellery designer.

We had a quick chat about her love for art,laser cutting and Breaking Bad:)

TB: When was your “Eureka” moment when you decided to pursue your career in Art?

I’ve never wanted to do anything but get paid to design and draw! So I can’t say I have one specific ‘eureka’ moment – it’s been more of a gradual process of following my dream and learning how to make a living from what I love.

TB: What is the After School Club?

After School Club is a creative collective formed by myself and two fellow illustrator friends from my class at university. We have a similar approach to illustration practice, and are using the collective as a means to explore new creative territory and push the boundaries of our practice! Keep an eye out for some new projects coming up over the next few months.

TB: Did you know you would be making Jewellery out of your art when you started off as an Artist?

It was never planned! I started making my wooden jewellery whilst studying illustration at university. We had a laser cutter in the 3D workshops, and after attending a workshop I started having loads of ideas of things to make… it all went from there!

TB: How important are websites like Etsy and Not on the High Street for you to get your message out there?

Etsy has been invaluable in my process as a designer maker; it’s such a fantastic platform for small businesses and start ups, and has helped my business grow from a little idea into what it is today. The communities and advice blogs are super helpful for the business-novices, and I’m still learning a lot!

TB: I love how everyday TV series are such an integral part of your line, Special Nod of Approval for Game of thrones “Winter is Coming”! What Inspires you?

Game of Thrones Brooch Game of Thrones Fashion

I love a great television show or film. One of the first things I ever made was a Twin Peaks brooch for a friend. It’s really fun to share an in-joke or a nerdy reference with someone, and to interpret some of my favourite references, quotes or jokes in a creative way is one of the best things about my job!

TB: Has your style evolved over the years? if Yes..What factors play a role in that change?

I’ve only been making my jewellery for about 18 months! I think it has changed a little – I understand the making process more, and know the constraints and strengths of the laser cutter. But I try and maintain the simple, illustrative approach to design that has worked well for me so far.

TB: Seeing a 3d product from your sketch must be very gratifying.Could you run us through your design process?

All my designs start out as notes, scribbles or thumbnail sketches. Usually in a multitude of notebooks or post-its that I find dotted about everywhere! I then work on refining the sketches a little before transforming them into vectors, ready to be laser cut. I digitally edit the drawings as little as possible in order to retain the hand drawn aesthetic. The difficult thing about my design process is that I can’t easily test out new designs, as I send them away to be laser cut out of house. I’m saving up for my own laser cutter so that one day I won’t have this problem! Lastly I sand, paint and finish my designs, ready to be sold.

TB: What are your top words of wisdom to illustrators and Graphic Designers out there?

Be as pro-active as possible! I still don’t get as much drawing done as I’d like, but I try as much as possible (sometimes I schedule in drawing days!) and don’t forget that sketching and research are still important. Its quite easy to forget to include that process of creative exploration and dive right into finished designs once you leave education. And also; try something different, often! You never know where it will take you.

Kate Rowland Kate Rowland 1

You can buy Kate Rowland on It’s my Generation and on her shop on ETSY



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