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Summers in London

I love summer in London!

It is the best place to be in Summer. The weather is thankfully great these days and thus my impulsive decision to get on my bike and go all the way to Cambridge!

Introducing BuzzKill- my Red Specialized Langster fixie is one of a kind. It is small and light and has already travelled quite a bit with me. Aptly named BuzzKill-  as I am paranoid about leaving ‘HIM’ on the streets- and has accompanied me to Bars to wish my friends happy birthday or to brand new houses for housewarming parties! If he is on the street- I make sure one of us always goes and says hello to him while he waits patiently for me out in the cold:(

I know it sounds crazy but he actually is one of the best rides out of London. Packed with my GoPro Hero 3+ BuzzKill and I along with a sandwich and banana took off through Regent’s canal, Victoria Park (where Field Day goers were enjoying the sunshine, beer and BBQ!) and then took a left on Lee River Navigation.

Few miles down and passed Hackney Marsh- this is what I see!

I have enough videos to be uploaded- but this is a quick idea of how beautiful London’s quick access countryside is! If you guys know any other quick getaways out of London on the bike…do share the secrets:)

That was all about BuzzKill! What did you get upto this weekend?

P.s: A part of my route covered above. photo 1


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