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Is it a good enough reason?

When my ex and I broke up..I was asked by someone the most the obvious question..”But why? You guys were so good together!”

Firstly..”Gee..thanks for reminding me that! There was a reason I was with him..coz we WERE good!”

Secondly..”I don’t know why..but it happened…”

Soon I realised that “I don’t know..” seemed not strong enough a reason to break up..

If I had said..”He was mean to me..” Or “I don’t love him anymore” or “He loved someone else..” These reasons would have sounded more validated..

So that’s exactly what I did..(I know..succumbed to pressure!). I found myself  trying to find reasons to validate my break up. That, my friends, was a painful process.

To dig deeper in an ex-relationship to find reasons so that you can know why you are, where you are!

Why I put myself through that..who knows…but I did.

And it was unfair. Not only to him and our relationship but most important to me.

It wasn’t until very recently, someone (who is a friend of a friend- so unbiased sentiments here) said, ” Oh so you just grew apart..”

Finally!! That’s what I wanted to hear..yes we grew apart..yes we still love(d) each other when we broke up…Yes we cared about each other deeply…No we weren’t happy together.

And we made a conscious decision to find happiness..even if that meant without each other.

Every person enters your life for a reason..we don’t know what that reason is..and most of us won’t even know it when we are with that person..

However..we surely will know the reason, AFTER we are not with them.. Finding peace in that is the key you need to find..to open the door to happiness..and most importantly..LOVE.


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