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Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer: New addition to Make up bag

I can’t believe I am making my Christmas already! 5 weeks to Christmas and 6 to a new year!

Who else thinks this year has just flown by? More on that over coffee and skype:)

I have been using this Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer for a few weeks, and I must saw it has been one of the most beautiful and silky bronzer in my make up bag for a very long time!

The texture is soft, the brush just picks up the right amount of shimmer and powder to sweep across your cheeks.

I have been using it as an eyeshadow for a quick “pep-me-up” after work look, and it just brightens your eyes to take away all that staring at computer screen look off your face.

This will be my go-to blusher this Party season, when I just want one neat, beautifully packaged bronzer in my bag, which duals up as shimmer eyeshadow, and highlights your contours the right way.

A very EASY Christmas gift, and it will be appreciated across ages, so if you looking for a luxury gift for your Mum or your girlfriend, click here to get shopping!

Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer 2

More Bronzers to choose from….

What is your favourite bronzer? Do Share!


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