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Good friends walk arm in arm- Mira and Yasmin

This could be one of my last pictures of the day…I was freezing,wet and hungry…but I have been told the road to being a street photographer is a long one and not a bed of roses!

Well that thought did not help,I promise you..

What helped was these two walking arm in arm..we have seen Mira Duma and Yasmin Sewell dotted in the world wide web’s most stylish sites..so yes in that regards this sight was a feat..BUT what I really saw were two friends..

Made me think of a happy moment..of being with my besties!
Perfect timing as I am just rejoicing one of my closest friend’s engagement news in USA!

This is for you guys JC and Gags! Love you both! X

Updated: Jason you too! For making this happen! Huge hug!

Mira Duma and Yasmin Sewell- freinds


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