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I have been working on working out regularly…so recently when someone asked me if I wanted to Tough Mudder (a 12 mile obstacle MUD race which is for serious cross-fit lovers), I politely replied..”No Thank you!”

Why? Well..I am a sucker for my facials and my spa time…on a very regular basis.

A foamy bath with my favourite candles and a face+ hair mask is a weekly activity..and a monthly facial at Skin3 is all a routine affair in my household.

So a race like Tough Mudder would completely go against all that I have been working on! It is MUD..not the nice sorts..but the stuff you avoid at festivals and end up finding it everywhere in your bag/tents weeks after you are back! Text-uspaah-quote-facial To prove my point further..when I was away at Green Man festival a few weeks ago (It was amazing..albeit it was raining ALL. THE. TIME!)..and all that dancing in the rain, sleeping in the tent made me come back with a sore shoulder. It happened to be perfect timing that I had a therapist booked in for a deep tissue massage thanks to USPAAH.

The good part…I did not have even have to leave my flat on a rainy Tuesday. USPAAH sent one of their extremely skilled therapist over for an amazing service- all in the comfort of my home!


I would describe USPAAH- as an Uber for therapists. You download the app, create an account and boom- one of their carefully selected therapists to come over to yours in the comfort of your home to give you that luxury you deserve!





Uspaah-mobile-spa-london-Trendbridged4 Uspaah-mobile-spa-london-Trendbridged5

Very professional, they bring their own massage bed and towels and oils. All you have to do is play your favorite spa playlist on spotify and dream away!


USPAAH has kindly offered a discount code for you guys!

The app is free to download on iTunes and as a TrendBridged follower if you email with “TrendBridged” in the title you receive £15 off your first USPAAH treatment!

Let me know what you think after your first service at USPAAH.

If you are curious what makes a part of my “me-time” routine..these are the products I use.



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