Momma K says..Start today.

My mum has been a constant source of support for me..even through the distance. My friends are surprised that even today, when I am 30..and I talk to her everyday-sometime twice a day to just ask how she/they are doing. She lives in India, and we have maintained that routine since I flew the nest at the age of 18 and lived across India, Australia, U.K, and America!

She says..”Dinky through your stories I travel the world..” and that makes me proud and cry at the same time. What she gives in return is unconditional love..and loads of golden nuggets of inspiration and advice..often read in fables or books..(and now whatsapp forwards!)

It is time I share my source of inner strength with you with some “quote of the day”…because in her words…”A candle does not lose anything when it lights another candle…it just makes the room brighter!”

Oh mum….This is to you Mummy Kakkar.. Momma-K-Says-Procastination-Quotes


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