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My Choice – VOGUE Empower

I come from a very modern Indian family, with my dad being a minority in the family sharing the household with 3 strong women! There was a reason we always got a male dog..my dad said he felt he had company:)

I was in India recently for my sister’s wedding (which was fun and regal and full of love!). However being in India, reminded me how sexist the society is, how patriarchal and how difficult it is to be a woman you want to be..not only in a workspace but in a normal day-to-day life too.

For example, on requesting to change the layout of the venue, due to bad weather for the pre-wedding celebrations, I was told by the ‘men’ who were helping us set up the canopy and decorate the venue .. ‘Come back either with your husband or your father..we will talk to them‘. It angered me, my cousin’s husband took me away and calmed me down and said “Dinky, this is not U.K…they don’t work for women here..”

It crushed me..it upset me..not because it hurt my ego..but how it affects the millions of women who live in this misogynistic society. Some may say it is easy for me, as I live overseas and I should be able to “tolerate” such behaviour when I go home for a short while..but it is not. Not easy to believe that my sister and mother go through this everyday. That my best friends who grew up with the same beliefs go through this discrimination everyday. Just because it does not happen to me..does not make it easy for me!

I grew up as a girl in India, but became a woman only after I moved out of India…so to go back to your roots with strong feminist beliefs and to face a situation like such, got to me.

Thank you VOGUE India for making this short video featuring a leading Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone with a strong message…it empowered me, so I am sure it will empower millions of Indian women not only in India, but around the globe. Well done you guys!

This is my choice to share it..


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