Ode to Oud

Want a sexy, scentual holiday season filled with seduction, mystery and intrigue? No problem.

Just channel your inner-Cleopatra with fine oud fragrances.

The scent of oud is unmistakably sultry and has long been synonymous with Middle Eastern fragrance traditions. Its headiness and rich, woody aroma will transport you to ancient Arabia where prosperous Egyptians often wore oud to impress the Gods. Think Arabian Nights.

Oud is difficult to cultivate and therefore, has always been considered rare and highly coveted. Also known as agarwood, this dark, resinous heartwood develops in the Aquilaria trees of South East Asia. The trees must first become infected with mould in order for the oud to form naturally. The more infectious the trees become, the more aromatic the oud.

Yves Saint Laurent started the oud craze with the launch of M7 back in 2002. With such a distinctive aroma, it took a while for the trend to catch on. Now, Western fragrance houses and cosmetic companies are infusing the oil from this exotic wood into many of their latest collections. Brands such as Bond No. 9, Creed, Floris, Le Labo, Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s and Tom Ford are already singing the ode to oud with these intense, not to be missed, scents.


Penhaligon’s: Levantium // Creed: Royal Oud // Bond No.9: New York Oud // Jo Malone: Velvet Rose & Oud // Floris: Honey Oud // Tom Ford: Oud Fleur // Le Labo: Oud 27 //

We can’t get enough of the recent influx of oud-scented parfums!

Get them in time for Christmas now!

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