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I love my newly designed website! I think there are so many more ways I can share things I love. Of course As you all know I am obsessed with my Tenerife pictures and the beautiful beaches– so it was just a matter of time I found a swimwear label to inspire your beach holiday!

Project 104 does just that! Born in South Africa, lived in Saudi Arabia and then at twelve to Devon, Sarah- the designer behind the brand- grew up around the coast.”It is something that I still do pretty much every day.” Sarah says. “At 19 I moved to London to study and brought out my inner city girl. I fell in love with the fashion, culture, busy lifestyle, nightlife and excitement.”
Project 104 encapsulates everything that Sarah is, her love for travel, passion with a sense of adventure and sports!/

The brand’s second collection is inspired by tacky tourist T-shirts featuring the best of what a place has to offer. Three fictitious destinations (Swagness, Newheaven and Loverpool – sound familiar?) form the basis of the prints for the expanded range of less than ordinary swimwear.

I love a limited edition and ‘Paradise Found!’ is just that.. Limited to 104 of us. All pieces are limited edition and individually labelled 1-104 offering a special alternative to mass-produced high street options…and the lookbook is so much fun!

See more here : project-104.com
Paradise found


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