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UPDATE: Raised more than half of her target goal..Monica is pushing through to achieve here dream.

This video is the latest I have seen:

I had the honour of studying with Monica Singh for 3 years.

We were classmates in NIFT, Delhi studying Fashion Design. We also lived 2 doors down from each other.

I was a funny little character in uni days- always stuck to the back row/back bench of the class. Stubborn yet open to suggestions. I loved LOVE fashion. I felt it needed my own time to find who I was. So I sat in the last few rows of the class making patterns. In front of me sat Monica Singh.

I had heard of stories of what happened to her but never knew who she really was..but one day I was working “late” in the Lab (emphasising that it was really around 8:30 p.m.), and Monica asked me if I was going home anytime soon, and I said maybe in 30 minutes. She asked if she could walk with me back home. I said sure!

The short 10 minute walk home revealed the tragic incident which changed her life. She was in an acid attack by a person she knew very well for a very long time…She revealed how she feared stepping out alone after dusk, she revealed how she focussed on the positive in her life. She revealed how open she was despite being covered by a veil every time she was in Public eye. I have never seen Monica without a veil..even today!

I dropped her home..and walked back to mine. This was over 8 years ago and I have goosebumps right now how she impacted my life!

Monica…we all are so proud of you of turning a Negative into a Positive. We have so much to learn from you.

Behind that veil was a strong Woman. Inside you is a STRONG WOMAN! Stay beautiful and strong…like you are!

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She is the Indian Katie Piper for me!

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I am Monica- Fundraising Page

Monica Singh. “Path to Parsons” from Make Love Not Scars on Vimeo.

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