With love, Me

I am a romantic at heart.

I love dressing up for a date on a special night equally as much as I love to cuddle up on the couch on a weekday with a few lit candles and a glass of wine with (or without) my boo :)

I enjoy talking to my male friends about their idea of romance and it SHOCKS me how often they get it wrong! Many feel that we [women] love being adorned with attention on special days, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc..and though it’s true, we also love this attention any (and every) day of the year.

What girl doesn’t love getting a single rose lying on her pillow when returning home from a work trip (even if it was only one night away)? Who doesn’t love being woken up to a cup of tea in the morning, or getting the odd unplanned greeting card? And yes, we totally love it when you let us have a night in with the girls, only to come home to senseless giggles and empty bottles of wine, and you help clean up.

Yes..romance lies is all those small things..and teamed with great friendship and fun it results in this one big thing called LOVE.

So even when we say..”We don’t have to do anything on Valentine’s day..”…what we mean is..”I hope you surprise me with something special..”.

I know, we are complicated..

So for all my male friends, this Valentine’s Day treat your lady to the most beautiful flowers I have ever received!

Appleyard London was kind enough to send me these flowers over Christmas and I love them so much I have arranged an exclusive discount for my readers.


The discount code is BLOG40. This will entitle you to 40% off their range of luxury bouquets, although it does exclude the flowers by post range- which means all the flowers in this link are not included to the discount.

Roses-Online-Valentines-Day flowers-delivered-london

The flowers were delivered to me with great packaging, flower food and wrapped beautifully with a personal message from the team. They were delivered on a Saturday, but I took these pictures the next day and was surprised that despite being roses, they hadn’t wilted and still looked fresh.


Appleyard London florists are always on the lookout for exclusive flowers, on trend colours and are constantly evolving the luxury flowers range. They do exactly that- make flowers look luxurious.


Appleyard London do not just send you flowers…they send hand-tied luxury full of love.

Use this discount code BLOG40 when ordering your bouquet of love on Appleyard.

*To know what the above bouquet was- Click here.

**All opinions are my own. This is my way of thanking you for reading and supporting my blog throughout the year! So Thank You!



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