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Saturday Morning ideas

So you hit the snooze button on your 10 a.m. alarm once again, lazily get out of bed, brew that coffee…check the weather app and realise it is actually a beautiful weekend!

Text a few mates but everyone has plans..(of course who lives last minute in London?)..and now you are looking for ideas of how you can spend this beautiful Saturday morning in London without being too busy!

Here are my picks for weekend mornings!

1. Beat the crowd and head over to Counter Cafe..a gallery-ala-cafe by the canal in Hackney Wick. They serve amazing turkish eggs. if heading there after 1 prepared to queue..but it is sooo worth it.

2. If it is 1pm..might as well walk around the canal, and go to Crate Brewery..which serves home brewed beer and wood fire oven Pizzas. They have a pop-up Barge parked too incase you want to be..well on the canal!

3. Feeling like a work out instead? Get a bit of yoga, barre or cardio by heading to The Refinery, off Wells Street (North of Victoria Park)

4. Are you in Central London? You must go and See Agnes Martin at Tate Modern, a beautiful and serene artist who aimed for perfection. You might just be lucky by having the whole floor to yourself..but it is Summer and it is the south bank so prepared for it being a little busy!

5. BUT…if you don’t feel like doing anything..but something because you want to be out…Play your favorite playlist on Spotify, get showered and dressed..hold your partners hand, walk through the park, get an ice cream and head to a flower shop and buy some flowers…because it is a Saturday and you guys can!

P.s: I am a romantic at I will always recommend the option 5 :)



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Photos by : Diana Kakkar



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