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Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea Creative Director,Monday Muse

Sofia Sanchez Barrenchea has been popping up my radar through various researches. She is a New York based Argentinian Creative Director and Graphic designer for various brands.

I actually spotted her through my research for unique local designers and came across this brilliant website called UnderOurSky. A website promoting Argentinian Designers. Upon researching I came across, the website is owned by three sisters, Sofia,Lucia and Catalina.All of them based in 3 different cities: New York, Paris and Buenos Aires.Lucia, a CSM graduate has interned worked with Balenciaga,Isabel Marant, and many more so Fashion is running in the core of this sister trio.

Sofia Sanchez works on ensuring the designers from her home country reaches beyond geographical boundaries (something I always work with on thus was born.

Her style is not run of the mill,and actually quite hard to nail, but I know she chooses comfort over style most of the time (I like) and wears no to minimal makeup most days unless meeting someone. (With that natural dewy skin, I would never wear makeup! Click here for Dewy Makeup Tutorial). Special attention to the well-defined brows.

You can see influences of eclectic and patterns with rugged leather jacket and statement shoes which is quite out there and on the other side, there is a classic monochrome look in a white shirt and black cape.

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