Summer Ready

The other day my friends and I had a discussion about feet…yes feet! The discussion started with an exceptionally hot day in London..the exception being “Hot day in London”. We never have that…and when we can never find a fan in Argos or Ikea or whatever place sells fans. You can however find Pimms..but no strawberries:) C’est la vie!

Of course, on days like such we can never decide what to wear. Should I grab that summer jacket and be really hot on the central line? If I don’t I will be cold at the pub- which we all will go later as it is a sunny hot day! So typical..and I love it.

Of course- SHOES or sandals..- play a huge role! I work in a design studio and I need to run around a lot so anything comfortable is good.

Nails to be filed + painted + Moisturised if you have them out peeking through those cute peep toes. Of course no one will nail paint shame you if you don’t, but think about often do they have “See London days” eh? Treat yourself:)

See some of my suggestions for summer sandals. You can click on the little “+” signs and shop them too! Go know you want to…


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