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The big three oh!

I was 19 when I met my ex. We went on a few dates..I found and still do find him extremely attractive and very charming. A thorough gentlemen..The ones that God stopped manufacturing in 1975..or thereabouts!

Our dates were successful but did not result into a relationship until I was 21..and then it moved so fast that I lost track of all the years that went past as we were busy having fun!

On one such fun day..while we strolling in the park hand in hand..I innocently asked what he wanted to be in 5 years…he replied “Happy! I want to be happy!”.

I chuckled and said..“No seriously..What’s your ambition?” I mean how hard can it be for someone to be happy!?!

He replied..“You really think being happy is easy..isn’t it? It is constant work..on yourself, on people around you, things around you..for the benefit of your loved ones and you.”

He was 29 and I was 23.

Today, 7 years since that conversation with loads of words said and many lost..while a few invested..these are the words that stay with me as I turn 30!

Who would have thought your world looks different at the end of 20’s! The pivotal shift of priorities change perspectives and relationships..not only with other people but even your own self!

So now that I’m manoeuvring around the big Three Oh over the next few days..I think of him and everyone I love and have loved and people who love me, how to make them happy…and in turn stand a chance of being Happy!




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