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The Sartorialist X – My treat!

Scott Schuman is the man who inspired me to start my blog. It is no surprise I have talked about him so many times on this blog.

If you told me 8 years ago while I was a student, that I  would get to know Scott- I would giggle like a teenage girl and tell you to stop joking!

Today, I feel it is all my honour to not only know Scott- but have had the amazing opportunity to travel, learn and work for him!

Some of you who maybe fans of his work, must know his new book The Sartorialist X, is released by Penguin Random House today in the UK..HOWEVER some of you lucky readers can get the new The Sartorialist Book…as my treat to you!*

I just wanted to reach out and say Thank you to you loyal readers for supporting me and therefore giving me this opportunity to return the favour..

Enter your details in the little Raffle machine below..and this gorgeous book could be yours!


Don’t forget to enter your details below so that I can reach out to you!*

Enjoy the book!!


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* Only applies for my readers based in the UK..Sorry!

** You can buy his book from Book Depository and Amazon here.


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