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I have supported local designers in UK who use 3D printing and even tried my hands at it a few times!
And it is SUPER COOL! Check out this designer Wonderluk for more ideas:)

To think we live in the world of instant gratification..this takes it to the next level!

5 Architects and Designers collaborated with footwear brand United Nude (yes..that store on Regent Street with insane designs and oh so comfortable shoes!) to make a mini collection using only 3D printing..

There are debates on Dezeen if using a simple technique like 3D printing should be used to make complicated shoes like such which are “unwearable”..I beg to differ..I think these forward thinking designers and brands are pushing the boundaries by creating amazing designs which may have been more time consuming than what it is right now (if not impossible!)..and we should let alone buying inspired by it!

Soon we will have PDF’s published like VOGUE sewing patterns enabling us with Printable Patterns to print shoes, clothes, jars, tools at home! How insane is that!

Imagine going to the festival over summer- and instead of sewing your costume- you are actually printing it! When I will be in 80 and going to V&A– I want to see these shoes to show my grandkids- saying I saw this happen–just like mp3’s, iPod and Laptops and sleeping in Pods!

Where do you stand in this debate?


Ammonite by Fernando Romero for United Nude


Flames by Zaha Hadid for United Nude



Ilabo by Ross Lovegrove for United Nude



Young by Michael Young for United Nude



UNX2 by Ben van Berkel for United Nude



Read the rest of the story here.

Will you buy these shoes? Do you think our kids will wear self designed shoes to work when they grow up? What is the one thing you rather print than buy?




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