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Win a trip to detoxing!

When Gin Mare got in touch inviting me to take up the challenge of a phone detox by giving up my phone for 72 hours to take part in the Day care for instant reaction was NO WAY!

I mean, they were practically asking me to: 

1.Take that 1hour 8 minutes train ride to work whilst either listening to music or read a book- anything but trying to connect to Virgin Media wifi at every stop to load up my whatsapp chats!

2. Enjoy my meal at the temperature it is served at instead of letting it cool as I am busy taking ‘grammable pictures!

3. Actually convince someone on the dinner table with facts you know, instead of facts you can prove by showing on Wikipedia.

4. Keep a track of how much water I am drinking, as against tracking it on Watertrkr (Awesome app!)

Mostly- not having the instant gratification of sending the ever important participative LOL to the group chat on iMessages!!

I don’t even think I am interesting enough a person without my what do I talk about? The weather? I won’t know as my accuweather which is on my iPhone is in daycare!! 

You see my chain of thoughts within the 15 seconds of reading that email? 

I took my time..took a deep breath..chanted and replied saying “I would love to take part!”


Yikesssssss!! The next thing I know is there is a beautiful gin bottle and a small crib for my phone in the post.

Incentive: If I do this right- I can win a trip to Ibiza..and so can you!


You could win a trip to Ibiza in September. All you have to do is tuck your phone in the day care crib for 3 days. Sign up on Day Care for Mobiles, set up your ‘alternative’ phone as per the instructions, and try not to worry about all the stuff you’re missing out on.

These pictures might help motivate you to take part..Trust me it is good for us..Also we will not lose our friends!!

Vila-Mare01 Vila-Mare02 win-trip-ibiza-gin-mare


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