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Work that jumpsuit..girl!

I was asked by my girlfriends if “Is it OK to wear a jumpsuit to work?” and I said “Yes!! Of course!!”.

Next thing I know is, all of them pull out their phones, and start showing me these floral jumpsuits with slinky fabrics and straps and I look at them with panic filled eyes calmly, and realise that they need some help in the jumpsuit department in their work wardrobe. So here I am.

My friends are mixed crowd, some work in mnc’s like PWC, and then I have friends who work in the British Museum. So I knew I had to help them with basic styling tips which work across all the professions.(And I of course watched carefully what they selected after I gave them a few tips :))

If like me, you work in the creative field, dressing comes slightly easy, as it all depends on what you are doing in the day. There are days where I don’t do much bust sit behind a machine and sew sweatshirts, and then there are days where you have to dress for that ever so important meeting ! Yes, I can wear a pair of trouser and a silk blouse or If I work it right and get the right silhouette, then I (and so can you) can work that Jumpsuit in the board room and then rock them after work for the celebratory drinks!

1. Stay structured

Probably best to stay away from the floaty chiffons, if you are wearing your jumpsuit to work. Keep your lines linear, and going for a clean silhouette will not only flatter your body but also keep you focussed on keeping it sharp in the meeting.

How-to-wear-a-smart-work-Jumpsuit-Streetstyle-Helena-Bordon   How-to-wear-a-Jumpsuit-black-work

2. Drop waist or Empire line?

When shopping with my girl friend, who is also 5 foot 2 me..We always note where the waist is for a dress or a jumpsuit. She has a long torso, so she always picks a drop waist. I am curvier and have longer legs- so I pick a natural waist. If you have longer legs, then try the empire line synch to lengthen those pins ever so more!

How-to-wear-a-Tibi-Wool-Jumpsuit All-white-Jumpsuit-streetstyle

3. Keep it short

Keeping your structured jumpsuit to ankle grazing length is perfect recipe to keeping it chic yet classy. In case going long- get the length just right that it covers your shoes. No bunching allowed- EVER.

How-to-wear-a-floral-Jumpsuit-2 How-to-wear-a-H-and-M-Jumpsuit-4

4. Heels or Wedges?

This is really a personal it comes down to what your day involves, how much you are walking in those shoes etc.

I personally would recommend the heels as they always make your legs look longer. If opting for a wedge- go for a T-Bar if you can. Also wedges come handy if you have the ground touching flare jumpsuit- The heels tend to interfere when walking in those lengths.. As you may have experienced a dozen times when wearing floor length dresses..

How-to-wear-a-Tibi-Wool-Jumpsuit How-to-wear-a-Jumpsuit-with-heels

5. Accessorise!

You can’t ignore your accessories when you have a 1 piece of clothing on you..well not really..but you know what I mean :)

If it’s a V Neck (hope not too are at work after all!) you can opt for a statement collar neckpiece or go for a simple Tiffany Heart necklace.

If boat or round neck- go for a complimentary colour neck and balance it with a belt or a clutch.

Key is to make it stand out but not scream for attention!


Hope these tips help you shop better and go make a statement in that jumpsuit:)





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